Legaldocs offers a useful service that lets you fill out legal forms online. However, the service provides fewer than 100 legal documents from which to choose, which might prove to be a serious limitation for some consumers.

The Legaldocs website employs an interview style interface that asks you questions to help you fill out whatever form you might need. You can fill out a questionnaire for no cost, but to get the finished product, you will need to pay by credit card. The documents that are available are reasonable priced. After you have finished a form, you then have 24 hours to make any changes and download it again before there is an additional fee.

Legaldocs offers a modest selection of commonly used legal forms and documents with a wide range of prices. The more complex the forms and legal subject are, the more expensive the documents. Some legal forms, such as a general contract, can be downloaded for free, whereas a purchase agreement for raw land would carry a price tag. The service makes clear that it does not practice law and does not act as an attorney.

They have a selection of free legal documents, including promissory notes, requests to correct credit reports, homeowner’s insurance claims and hunting leases. The website offers free documents for the purpose of showing the quality of their legal forms, as well as providing a service to the community and giving you an idea of how the process of filling out legal forms works.

Legaldocs walks you through a list of questions and allows you to preview the document before you buy it. Before you begin filling out the form, read the explanation above the questionnaire to verify you are filling out the correct documents. The legal forms generally are not state-specific, although there are a few forms that are acceptable to California courts.

Once you have completed your legal documents, you can download them as Word files. Depending on the legal processes for your case, you can e-file your forms or print them. If you have problems downloading your file, contact the web administrator via email. The only payment option is to use a credit card online.

The “How to Use This” link on the main navigation walks you through the process of obtaining your legal documents. It also answers some frequently asked questions regarding pricing and sample documents. You’ll also find clarification about legal advice (which they do not offer) versus simply providing user-friendly legal forms. On this same page, they have included a link to a list of all the documents they provide. There is no other search capability on this website.

If you decide to contact an attorney, Legaldocs can give you listings of attorneys in your area. You can search by city, state or area of practice. Each entry has the attorney’s name, contact information, primary area of practice – such as bankruptcy or commercial liability – and the attorney’s website.

The website does not list a telephone number for their company but it does have an email address. The company will respond to your email within 24 hours, excluding weekends. Legaldocs has a directory of lawyers to choose from if you decide you would like to hire an attorney to represent you or if you would prefer to get legal advice and answers beyond the scope of Legaldocs’ legal forms.

Legaldocs Summary:

Legaldocs is a valuable resource for good quality legal forms. Most are inexpensive, and some are free. After you draft your documents, you can preview them before you buy them. After your purchase, you can alter and download your files without an additional charge for 24 hours. The website does not have a search capability, but the forms are organized according to category so you can generally find them easily. Unfortunately, customer service is limited to email.



After you fill out the questionnaire related to your forms, you can preview your forms.

You only have 24 hours to view and amend your forms online before there is a fee.

The Verdict
: 7.33/10

This online legal forms service simplifies questions to make filling out forms easier, but does not go through a legal service.